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You’re not alone anymore

Jane’s new book explores the themes of love, loss and life itself…

About the new book:

I first finished a novel in 2004, but I put it away because I thought it was a bit off the wall. I then wrote my second novel, Say That Again. I then returned to my first one, thinking that I would chop it and edit it etc but the characters of this new novel, Your’e Not Alone Anymore, wouldn’t leave me alone! Their voices kept on getting louder and louder until I decided to give them a voice. They have actually been in my head for about 15 years.

This novel has taken about a year to write and the subject matter is quite hard hitting at times. It examines the themes of love and loss and the different relationships between the members of one family and the young woman who goes to work for them.

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 About Jane

I am an exercise teacher, specialising in teaching people living with long term medical conditions. I am also an author and I am currently working on my third novel, as yet untitled.

My first two novels, Say That Again and You’re Not Alone Anymore are very different. I don’t want to be pigeon-holed into one genre and if I was to be asked what genre I write in, I really couldn’t say. Perhaps comedy/romantic fiction for Say That Again, but with an unusual hero who is living with Parkinson’s, but with You’re Not Alone Anymore, it is difficult to describe. I suppose I would describe it as part mystery, part romance and literary fiction, highlighting a very difficult subject. No spoilers here!

Latest News

Say That Again was adapted into a play and it was performed at Eastgate House in Rochester. It is now being adapted to send to Radio 4 for Play For Today so fingers crossed. It would be wonderful if it could be taken on for next Parkinson’s awareness month in April 2020. Watch this space!

I have been asked to speak at many of Lewisham Libraries for their health talks between now and next April, where I will be signing the novel and it will be available to buy.

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